Faculty of Science and Technology in Errachidia is the Poly-disciplinary remote branch of the Moulay Ismail University in Meknes, created in 1994 with the objective to develop the desert region of Morocco. Despite the very young age,

FST-Errachidia has a contemporary well-organized campus and modern equipment, constructed and acquired under the Project of European Community of promotion of North-Africa countries. The principal disciplines are: Geology, Water management, Modeling of Physical and Mathematical Process. FST-Errachidia welcomes students from the region of Errachidia Tafilalet and contributes to public service missions of higher education, namely :

* Improving of scientific, cultural and professional level of students through the initial and ongoing training and development of scientific and technical research;

* The implementation of expertise;

* The socio-economic development region of Errachidia-Tafilalet by taking into account the local circumstances and by establishing relationships with companies, institutions and surrounding communities;

* The contribution to the promotion of research and technology;

* Promotion of national and international academic cooperation in Material Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Physics Earth, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Applications, Geological, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Today, the FST-Errachidia adopts the reform of the Higher Education. Thanks to the experience gained by its enquiring teachers, the FST-Errachidia is ready to carry out the necessary long-term teaching innovation with opening to socio-economic sector. The student formation, suggested by the FST-Errachidia cover the following disciplines: Sciences and Technology, Engineering, Environment.

Area :

* Total surface : 100.000 m2

* Built surface : 32.000 m2


* Amphitheatres : 05

* Guided Work Classrooms : 20

* Practical Work Classrooms : 40

* Research Laboratories and Offices : 24

* Library: Lecture Hall : 04

* Audiovisual Classroom : 01

* Computer Lab : 03

* Workshops : Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering: 02

* Electronic, Electro-technical, Robotics and Fluid laboratories : 04

Miscellaneous Resources :

* Administrative buildings : 32 Offices

* Multipurpose buildings : 01 Forum + 06 seminar classrooms

* Social Resources : 02 Cafes, 01 Room of prayer

* Maintenance Workshops : 03

* 1 Store, 1 Bunker, 1 Drawing Room, 1 Greenhouse


Academic Departments:

- Biology,

- Chemistry,

- Geology,

- Information Science,

- Mathematics

-  Physics

Every department is equipped with: office of departmental head, secretary, professors offices, workshop, conference rooms, seminar classrooms and classrooms for practical work.



The Faculty of Science and Technology of Errachidia was established to meet the research needs of the Tafilalet region. The University’s research teams work simultaneously to investigate a variety of complementary research topics.

Research Methodology

Within the framework of the reorganization of scientific research, more than thirty research teams cover many disciplines that have been accredited by the University.

Center for Doctoral Studies :

Within the framework of the reform of postgraduate studies, the Faculty has created a Center for Doctoral Studies. This center was established for the principal mission of administering doctoral studies within the University. Currently, three doctoral programs have been accredited by the Ministry of Education, which are:

Mathematics and Applied Information Science

- Chemistry and Environment


According to FSTS’s decision to participate in the development of scientific research within our country and the diversification of scientific research, the faculty maintains relationships with a number of institutions of higher learning on both the national and international level to facilitate cooperative projects.

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